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Make your travel consultation easier

Access your traveller's health information all in one place with VERS.

What is VERS?

The Vaccine Electronic Record System (VERS) application records your traveller’s vaccination information and travel-related medication, tracks their travel health history, and compiles reports all in one place.

Why use VERS?

VERS provides practitioners with an electronic system to record traveller demographics and administered vaccinations during the consultation.  It further allows the user to create patient reports.


It is user specific, is username and password protected, and is housed on a secure site. On logging in for the first time, the user will enter the necessary demographic details of the clinic, vaccination centre or medical practice.

NEW! Be part of the first comprehensive African traveller's health study

The PATMF wishes to encourage members to participate in a prospective study that will capture traveller demographics to be presented at the International Travel Medicine Society Conference in New Orleans in May 2025. To do this, the Vaccine Electronic Record System will enable you to capture the information. The information will be collated and submitted for presentation.

What are the features?

VERS captures the following information:



  • ID number or passport

  • Gender

  • Age



  • Vaccination date



  • Departure date

  • Days to departure

  • Return date

  • Duration



  • Up to five destinations can be captured per traveller



  • A tick box list depicts the reason for travel



  • The possible vaccines that can be given are listed. For yellow fever vaccines, if a certificate of waiver is given, the reason must be stipulated.

  • Batch numbers are included for all vaccines



  • If malaria prophylaxis is given, this form is to be completed. It lists the  chemoprophylaxis medications that are currently available



  • This allows for the recording of any clinical notes (including inputting the patient’s location details).

How do I access

VERS is provided as a benefit free of charge to members of the Pan African Travel Medicine Federation.

Contact the PATMF Secretariat for more information.

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