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Membership payment

If you received an invoice requesting payment for your PATMF membership, you have come to the right place.

Your payment will be securely processed by Yoco in South African Rand. During the transaction process, please enter your email address to get your receipt.

What is PATMF membership?

How much is membership?

PATMF membership is 400 ZAR or $25 USD per year / person. You will be charged in South African Rand.

When is payment due?

Annual payment is due by 31 March. If you join throughout the year, you will be invoiced on a pro-rated basis.


Society: If you belong to a registered travel medicine Society, your membership fee will be levied by your Society on behalf of the Federation.

Group or Individual: If you are a member of a travel medicine Group or an Individual member (in a country where there is no established Group or Society), the Federation will invoice you directly.

What are the membership benefits?

  • Clinical travel health database for advising travellers

  • Vaccine Electronic Record System

  • Newsletter and disease surveillance reports

  • Travel health materials for travellers and practitioners

  • Access to education, training, networking, research, and funding

For more information, see our FAQ page and our Resources page to access travel health information.

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